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A Journey to Operator-led Visuality

Presentation Code: VS5-08

Value Stream: VS5 - Performance

Day & Time: Thursday, Oct 27, 2011 - 10:30 AM

Length: 1 hour, 10 minutes

A privately-held company with a 30-year history, Lifetime introduced Lean in 2009. Needing more shop floor engagement, as well as deeper visuals, the company launched operator-level visuality in 2010, led by a team of three trainers.

But the company faced a unique challenge, as its physical footprint spreads across 23 buildings in a converted Navy Supply Depot outside of Salt Lake City (Utah). In addition, two of the three originals trainers had management duties that left little time for training and coaching. If operators were going to buy in and the visual conversion gain momentum, it had to get supervisors directly involved in creating a "local" or building-level visual work environment.

Learn about Lifetime's visual journey, its deployment plan and challenges, as well as its need for an improvement infrastructure, capable of driving a visual conversion across its physical geography. You will hear about its successes, including many visual solutions from the Lifetime's Metals Group, with its departments that have already "Gone-To-Green" - a term for showcase-level in the methodology used. You will also hear from the maintenance supervisor, who will share his department's challenges, plus the critical contribution of his area visual workplace trainer and the ringing visual inventiveness of his operator team.

Hear of one company's vision for a high visual workplace horizon - and the steps it is taking to keep the momentum continuous, if not fast.

In this presentation:

  • Find out about Lifetime's operator-level visuality.
  • Hear about its deployment plan and the challenges faced.
  • Learn how the company improved its infrastructure in order to drive a visual conversion.
  • Learn the steps needed to achieve a high visual workplace.

Lifetime Products

Founded in 1986, headquartered in Clearfield, Utah, Lifetime Products has applied innovation and cutting-edge technology in plastics and metals to develop innovative products with superior strength and durability.

Lifetime's state-of-the-art facility houses some of the industry's most innovative equipment. Lifetime Metals is the region's leading supplier of processed steel. From slitting and leveling, to roll forming and stamping, its trained and certified staff manufactures quality, custom steel products at an exceptional value.

As the world's leading manufacturer of blow-molded, polyethylene tables and chairs, Lifetime Plastics is one of the largest single-site delivery points of polyethylene plastic in the Western United States. With some of the largest blow-molding machines in the U.S, the company specializes in innovating and manufacturing quality products with customizable panel parts.

Lance Bosgieter, Visual Workplace Manager / Testing Manager

Lance Bosgieter is Visual Workplace Manager/Testing Manager at Lifetime Products. Lance spent five years in the automobile industry developing airbags. He graduated from college in 2001 with a BS in Mechanical Engineering Technology, and went to work for Lifetime Products as their Testing Manager.

In 2009, Lance started his Lean journey. During 2009, he went through bronze training, and he now manages Lifetime's Visual Workplace Program.

David Norberg, Maintenance Supervisor


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