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Workshop Code: FW-03

Day & Time: Friday, Oct 28, 2011 - 8:00 AM

Length: 4 hours

Cost: $150.00 USD

Are you afraid to try because you might fail? Are you hung up on perfection and won't try unless you are guaranteed perfect results? Well, you are not alone. But these inhibitions can keep you from success. They hinder empowerment and prevent you from communicating clearly and effectively with other people. Fear of failure or the desire for perfection also limits your risk taking and initiative - and that is not good for business. These are at the root of new ideas, alternate methods and innovative solutions. This Workshop will help you break down those inhibitions and build the confidence you need to try new things.

  • Stimulate creativity and innovation and open lines of communication.
  • Discover why and how fear stymies growth.
  • Practice active listening skills
  • Learn to communicate effectively and enthusiastically. 
  • Overcome your fears, open lines of communication, foster willing collaboration and discover the value of every individual. 
  • Experience real-time feedback so that you can adjust your approach, change your mindset, be creative, gain confidence, make a difference, think on your feet and be successful.
  • Learn techniques that easily and immediately translated to your workplace.

Business Unscripted

Michael Abdoulah

Michael Abdoulah is Creativity Coach and President of Business Unscripted. During his 17-year career, Michael has owned and operated several businesses and discovered that successful endeavors have a common thread: they ensure the positive, creative atmosphere necessary for success. It's this atmosphere that people need in order to feel empowered, comfortable, confident and creative. Michael draws on 10 years of experience with improvisational comedy and uses interactive, engaging exercises to share information and stimulate creativity and innovation - key components for achieving your ultimate goals in business and in life.

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