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Value Stream Mapping

Learning to see the Flow and Waste

Workshop Code: MW-15

Day & Time: Monday, Oct 24, 2011 - 8:00 AM

Length: 8 hours

Cost: $250.00 USD

If you want to be Lean, you need to improve Flow and eliminate Non-Value-Adding Waste throughout your operations. Value Stream Mapping is the tool that can help you to do this. That is because Value Stream Mapping allows you to understand the Flow of materials and information throughout your production processes.

Value Stream Maps are manual representations of every process in your material and information Flow. This includes scheduling information that can help you decide what to make, how much to make and when to make it. Value Stream Maps also include supply and customer demand information.

Value Stream Mapping gives you the roadmap you need to direct your Lean Kaizen efforts. By mapping the Current State of your Value Chain you can avoid the mistakes involved in cherry-picking isolated improvement goals. Value Stream Mapping allows you to have a Leaner Future State that lowers your costs and delivers greater value to your customers.

This Workshop will show you how to make use of this powerful tool. Using a case study in the Shingo Prize winning book, Learning to See, you will learn how to identify a product family, see the entire Value Stream for that family and map the Current State Value Stream to identify and eliminate Waste. You will also find out what makes a Value Stream Lean and learn how to develop a plan to achieve Future State results.


  • Find out the benefits of Value Stream Mapping.
  • Learn the fundamentals of Value Stream Mapping.
  • Draw a Current State Map.
  • Analyze a Current State Map to reduce Waste and improve Flow.
  • Draw a Future State Map
  • Use your Future State Map to develop a basic implementation plan.
  • Learn lessons you can apply at your business.

Synchronous Management

Don Guild

Don Guild founded Synchronous Management in 1986 to focus on the hands-on application of Lean techniques in purchasing, manufacturing and distribution. Don has 20 years of manufacturing line operations experience, was on the forefront in the early implementation of automated requirements planning and participative management systems and spent two years consulting for Dr. Eli Goldratt. Don is experienced in the training and application of Value Stream Mapping, Pull/Kanban system design and implementation, cellular manufacturing, plant layout, changeover reduction and Lean performance metrics.

Don's academic background includes Associate in Arts in Liberal Arts, Orange Coast College, CA; Bachelor of Science in Law, Western State University College of Law, CA; Juris Doctor in Law, Western State University College of Law, CA; and Master's in Business Administration, Pepperdine University, CA.

Don is a member of the AME; Certified at the Fellow Level by the American Production and Inventory Control Society; author of the Pull/Kanban training program for the NIST-Manufacturing Extension Partnerships; author of Pull/Kanban Systems training for the Lean Enterprise Institute; and Faculty member of NIST-MEP and the Lean Enterprise Institute. He has conducted over 20 workshops and presentations for AME.


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