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Hands On Lean Healthcare ED Simulation Workshop

Fixing the Emergency Department while learning Lean principles

Workshop Code: MW-05

Day & Time: Monday, Oct 24, 2011 - 8:00 AM

Length: 8 hours

Cost: $250.00 USD

Hospital Emergency rooms need to be as efficient as possible. Yet, Emergency Department doctors often have to diagnose and treat patients while tests and support resources are bogged down with problems. But this no longer happens at the Altarum Institute. After four rounds of applying Toyota-style Lean principles, the Emergency Department at the Altarum Institute really started to Flow.

Lean principles were making a difference. After seeing the benefits of applying Lean foundational tools like visual management, Waste elimination and problem solving, Altarum Institute quickly graduated to batch-size reductions, quick room turnover and more problem solving.

Using hands-on simulation, this Workshop will show how Lean principles were used to fix an Emergency Department. You will see the real power of applying Lean concepts to Flow, Pull, Work Balancing, Cross-Training and Built-In-Quality. Clear metrics and end-of-round discussions will drive home the effectiveness of powerful Lean thinking techniques and how they can apply even in healthcare. Good things to know when lives depend on your Emergency Departments.


  • Hear how to apply Toyota-style Lean principles in a healthcare setting.
  • Learn how Altarum was able to increase Flow in its Emergency Department. 
  • Participate in a hands-on simulation and see how to use Lean principles to fix an Emergency Department. 
  • See the power of applying Lean concepts to Flow, Pull, Work Balancing, Cross-Training and Built-In-Quality. 
  • Find out how you can apply these concepts where you work.

Altarum Institute

Dave Scottow

Dave Scottow is a Senior Lean Healthcare Coach with the Altarum Institute. He is experienced in Lean/Six Sigma Principles and has a strong Project Management C-Level and general management background. Dave is also experienced in hospital operations, including finance and budgeting and facility design and development. Dave is a project implementation leader with 16 years experience leading process improvement efforts in industry - improving financially and operationally at-risk companies and manufacturing plants.

Dave has a strong corporate governance and P&L management background and seven years experience leading Lean implementation teams and leadership at hospitals, labs and clinics. Dave has been a CEO, COO, Director of Manufacturing, Plant Manager, Corporate Training Director and an Officer in the U.S. Air Force.

Dave received his BS in Biology from Texas Christian University in 1983.


Jerry Berlanga

Jerry Berlanga is currently Altarum's Project Manager and Senior Lean Coach supporting Scott & White Health System. He has over 18 years of successful Continuous Improvement experience in multiple industries, including healthcare, energy, manufacturing, insurance and banking. Jerry has coached, mentored and taught key Value Stream Mapping teams at Scott & White, as well as taught all four Lean courses at Summers Mill Retreat Center. He has introduced key results boards for each Value Stream team on the hospital floor to support ongoing Continuous Improvement and achievement of goals with Scott & White.

Jerry was previously the chief Lean leader at LifeMasters and helped the company dissect the enterprise and facilitate End-to-End Process Value Stream Maps. As a result of this End-to-End Value Stream Mapping, LifeMasters was able to launch strategic initiatives and achieve a 20% improvement in enrollment rates and a 25% reduction in disease management mediation call times (Standard Work), resulting in a 15 fte lift in capacity.

Jerry served as a U.S. Naval Engineering Propulsion Plant Officer and is a Texas Veteran.



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