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Toyota Production System Overview and Hands-on Lean Workshop

Eliminate Waste — Focus on high quality through Continuous Improvement

Workshop Code: MW-14

Day & Time: Monday, Oct 24, 2011 - 8:00 AM

Length: 8 hours

Cost: $250.00 USD

The Toyota Production System (TPS) is the revolutionary way to do business that made Toyota one of the most successful automotive companies in the world. It is a system you can use to make your business more successful. And it is a system you will learn more about in this Workshop.

This Workshop will provide you with an overview of the Toyota Production System and look at the tools you need to move forward. The Workshop will focus on Continuous Improvement and the seven forms of Waste. Attendees will take part in a hands-on simulation where they will form teams and role-play positions within a truck manufacturing company. Each team will be given the opportunity to apply the TPS concepts they have learned to improve quality, delivery and cost. By the end of this Workshop, you will have a better understanding of TPS and have begun thinking about how you can apply it to your business.


  • Gain a better understanding of the Toyota Production System.
  • Learn about the TMS building blocks.
  • Find out about the seven forms of Waste.
  • Calculate and apply Takt Time to a process.
  • Identify bottlenecks within a process and learn how to improve Flow.
  • Execute multiple Kaizens to improve a process.
  • Gain insight into how you can apply the TMS to your business.

Honsha Associates

Mike Kobashi

Mike Kobashi is a consultant with Honsha Associates. He has over 21 years of manufacturing experience and has held a variety of senior management positions in operations management; Lean and Six Sigma deployment; sales and marketing; and information technology. Mike was trained in TPS by the Toyota Logistics Group and is a Certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt.

Mike has worked with companies in the pharmaceutical, banking, government, medical diagnostic and device, computer, aircraft, footwear, and personal care industries. He is also a faculty member of the Lean Enterprise Institute.


Sammy Obara

Sammy learned and implemented the Toyota Production System (TPS) at Toyota facilities in Japan, Brazil, US, Philippines and Venezuela. In nearly 20 years of TPS experience, he has helped more than 300 companies. These include TPS projects in diverse environments ranging from schools, to manufacturing, to military and government offices in a variety of countries, including China, Mexico, Canada, Indonesia, Brazil, Japan, Austria, Sweden, the U.K., and the U.S.

Sammy is a faculty member and curriculum developer with the Lean Enterprise Institute in US, France, Mexico, China and Brazil and an instructor of Global Strategy Management for the California Community College system. He is fluent in Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese and English. Sammy currently aids companies implementing Lean through Honsha Associates.


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