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Visual Workplace — Visual Thinking

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Workshop Code: MW-16

Day & Time: Monday, Oct 24, 2011 - 8:00 AM

Length: 8 hours

Cost: $250.00 USD

Research shows that it takes 8-10 minutes to recover from an interruption - any interruption. How many happen in your day? And how many errors, misunderstandings, frustrations and moments of confusion or even resentment happen? How many questions go unanswered or even unasked? What is the level of information deficit in your enterprise? And what is the impact of those interruptions on your bottom-line and on the viability and resilience of your work culture? Having a visual workforce can help.

Visuality is a transformative process capable of re-creating the entire physical workspace to make work safer, simpler, more logical, more standardized, more fluid and linked, and far less costly - all while ensuring that performance outcomes are not just precise and repeatable, but also sustainable, even in high complexity/low volume venues.

This Workshop will show you how visuality fits in and why it is indispensable on your journey to operational excellence. Workplace visuality does not just impact performance - it creates performance.


  • Understand the power of pattern at work.
  • Learn how to think visually.
  • Learn the ten doorways into the visual workplace that will engage your entire workforce.
  • Translate operational requirements into a living imbedded language.
  • Learn the vital difference between measures that monitor and measures that drive.
  • Learn how visuality can energize and unite your workforce.
  • See how visuality fits in and why it is indispensable on your journey to operational excellence.
  • Walk away with a greater understanding of the power of visuality.

QMI/Visual-Lean Institute

Gwendolyn Galsworth

Gwendolyn Galsworth, Ph.D., is founder/president of QMI/Visual-Lean Institute and author of a number of books, including, Visual Systems, Smart Simple Design, the award-winning, Visual Workplace, Visual Thinking, and most recently, Work That Makes Sense.

Gwendolyn is an educator, author and hands-on implementer and coach who has codified the field of workplace visuality and identified its distinct and powerful contribution to enterprise excellence. Over nearly 30 years, Gwendolyn has defined and developed more than a dozen visual workplace technologies, capable of transforming the enterprise into a fully-functioning visual environment - created by a workforce that knows how to think visually.



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