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Human Development Value Stream

The people pillar of Lean

Workshop Code: FW-04

Day & Time: Friday, Oct 28, 2011 - 8:00 AM

Length: 4 hours

Cost: $150.00 USD

Lean improvement is not just about using Lean tools - it is about the people you hire. It is about how your people are hired, oriented and developed. It's about how they are engaged in the improvement processes and how they are advanced in your organization as they make a difference. It is about the overall engagement eco-system of your organization and the culture that brings radical change in how things are done.

ThedaCare knows that its people are vital to its success. That is why ThedaCare's Lean work includes the Human Development Value Stream as a core activity to ensure a primary focus on its people. In fact, this Value Stream has defined an overall approach to competency assessment and management. It has defined a specific employer/employee compact to guide the relationship and ensure continuation of the company's long-term no-lay-off philosophy. It has created a robust approach to staff redeployment for those whose positions have been obsolesced. And it has also meant the implementation of an A3-based framework for personal development plans for all managers in the organization, using the PDSA cycle to manage individual development and established a rigorous approach to on-boarding and developing leaders in the organization.

This work is now demonstrating significant and measurably positive results in the overall engagement of employees and improved the clinical and financial outcomes of the business units involved.


  • Learn the value of a concerted approach to the human factors in a Lean Enterprise activity.
  • Define your approach to employee engagement and development as Lean changes your organization.
  • Use a template approach for introducing and orienting your staff to Lean methodology.
  • Design your own approach to leader and manager engagement in Lean.
  • Initiate a personal development plan focused on your necessary competencies.


Roger Gerard

Dr. Roger Gerard is the Chief Learning Officer for ThedaCare, a N.E. Wisconsin-based integrated healthcare delivery system. Before joining ThedaCare in 1991, Roger's career included significant work within the healthcare industry, as well as many years in the manufacturing and service industries nationwide.

Roger specializes in executive and management development, process improvement and the use of Lean methodologies in bringing about significant and measurable organizational improvement. Besides his work at ThedaCare, Roger has his own management consulting business and a creative photography/illustration business that he shares with his wife, Debra.

Roger has over 35 years of experience leading executive and management development initiatives in both large and small organization environments, focusing specifically on organizational performance improvement processes. He recently co-authored, On the Mend, a book focused on the ThedaCare Lean Journey and was published through the Lean Enterprise Institute. Roger has presented at numerous national conferences (most recently at the Association for Manufacturing Excellence on Lean in the healthcare industry) and locally throughout Wisconsin and Michigan.

Roger earned his PhD in Management and Applied Decision Sciences from Walden University in 2001.


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